Today, a growing number of home inspectors are realizing the benefits of drones for home inspections. Drones can access potentially hazardous locations with ease. They are equipped with cameras to capture close up images of inaccessible areas and aerial views of entire properties. Drones offer a safe and thorough way to identify roof damage and provide an overview of the roof’s condition.

How Home Inspectors Use the Benefits of Drones for Home Inspections

Home inspectors are not required to walk on any roof that is unsafe, and they are only required to inspect visible and accessible areas. This means that the roofs that need to be inspected the most won’t get inspected if the inspector does not have a drone. In order to get the most value out of your inspection, hire an inspector who is also an FAA-certified drone pilot. One of the benefits of drones for home inspections is that every roof will be able to be inspected, even if it’s not accessible.

Provide a Bird’s Eye View of the Entire Lot

The benefits of drones in home inspections include the ability to provide a bird’s eye view of the whole property. In rural areas, it is particularly useful to have an aerial overview of the property to show the condition of outbuildings, fences, and other structures.

Screen the Roof for Visible Hazards

Before walking on a possibly unsound roof, a home inspector may use a drone to look at it first. This is a good way to assess whether the roof is safe to walk on, or if it is better to inspect the roof using the drone. If the inspector does not have a drone, he or she may assume that the roof is unsafe to walk on. If this happens, an important component of the house will be left out of the inspection report.

Reap the Benefits of Drones for Home Inspections

Although the use of drones is a fairly recent practice for home inspections, it is gaining in popularity. Home inspectors value innovative technologies that enhance accuracy and safety. The many benefits of drones for home inspections make unmanned aerial craft a valuable resource for home buyers and sellers. When you hire a home inspector, ask if he or she uses a drone in inspections.

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